How to use them in our MTB kalender?

To enable you to search our global MTB calendar efficiently, we explain the different MTB disciplines. Fortunately, our search function allows you to select multiple categories or disciplines so that you can combine them perfectly during your search in our mountain bike calendar.

What is a Ride?

The term "rides" usually refers to cycling events organized on a certain date, where cyclists ride a predefined route together with other participants. In most cases, several distances are offered during such cycling events. Bike rides are generally not races, but sportive or recreational cycling tours where the challenge and experience are the main goal. Bike rides are organized for road, gravel and mountain bikes.

What is a Mountain Bike Ride?

So a Mountain Bike Ride is simply a bike ride ridden on a mountain bike over unpaved roads, forest trails, fields, rocks, sand, ... as opposed to road bike tours (often simply called bike rides).

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What is a Mountain Bike Marathon?

A Mountain Bike Ride over a longer distance is called an MTB Granfondo (+ 25 miles / 40 k) or Mountain Bike Marathon (+ 40 miles / 60 k). MTB Granfondo and MTB Marathons are generally mountain bike races in which you can often participate as a rather sporty mountain biker as a personal challenge or unique MTB experience.

A Mountain Bike Marathon or shortened MTB Marathon is also called a Cross-Country Marathon (abbreviated XCM).

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Wat are Cross-Country Mountain Bike Races?

Cross-Country Mountain Bike Races, also known as Cross-Country Olympic (abbreviated XCO) races are mountain bike races in which participants complete a number of laps on a track of 2.5-6.0 miles (4-10 k) over a set period of time. XCO is the only cross-country discipline in the Olympic programme.

Wat are Beach Races?

Beach races are races in which most of the course is completed on a sandy beach and are therefore best suited for mountain bikes. Beach races are a rather unique discipline typically held in winter and organized almost exclusively on the sandy beaches around the North Sea.

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8 days

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