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Cycling and Wildlife Adventures in Kenya

  Nairobi, Mkoa wa Nairobi    cyclocross bike, e-bike, gravel bike, mountain bike

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Africa Cycling organizes bicycle tours in Kenya, always combined with wildlife safaris in the most beautiful game parks in Kenya. You will make a fantastic combination of cycling, wildlife, culture and nature, mostly from your bicycle. You will make cycling safaris in small game parks, 4x4 safaris in big game parks (big chance of the Bi-5) and boat safaris.
- One-week bike tours for the real cyclist who likes a challenge.
- Bicycle tours for vacation cyclists who like a challenging tour (10 or 16 days)
- Bicycle tours for cyclists who like cycling, want to cycle among wildlife, but not heavy and not challenging, the so called Easy Cycling tours (9-14 days)
- Bicycle tours for families (9-14 days).
Each tour is optimally accompanied by our Dutch guide, also with each tour a support-car rides along (food and drinks, luggage, help in case of breakdown, boarding in case of physical discomfort or comfort). This support-car can carry 9 bicycles.
Our hotels/lodges have a high quality and good atmosphere
From your travel dream, we make a dream tour!


  • date to be agreed

    8 Days from 1.540 EUR

    Saturday 08 Jun 2024

    10 Days from 2.552 EUR

    Wednesday 19 Jun 2024

    14 Days from 1.540 EUR

    Wednesday 19 Jun 2024

    16 Days from 3.420 EUR

    Friday 02 Aug 2024

    14 Days from 3.263 EUR

    Tuesday 06 Aug 2024

    10 Days from 2.552 EUR

    Sunday 18 Aug 2024

    16 Days from 3.420 EUR

    Thursday 05 Sep 2024

    15 Days from 3.500 EUR

    Tuesday 24 Sep 2024

    16 Days from 3.420 EUR


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