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Battistrada was launched 9 months ago with a very extensive worldwide cycling events calendar (+ 6.000 events) and unique management tool to compose your personal cycling calendar and bucket list on Battistrada.com, the latter available with free membership.

How does it work:

 « my Calendar »

Once you created a free membership, adding a granfondo, mtb race or any other event to your cycling calendar on Battistrada.com is as simple as clicking on the icon you can find in the calendar next to an Event or on the Event page and edition -pages of that Event.

Your selection is instantly added to your « my Calendar » on Battistrada.com and an event that is added on your « my Calendar » will have the icon.

And Battistrada will notify you by email (cfr. my Notifications) about any cancellations, postponements or date changes of an Event on your « my Calendar »

Additionally you can synchronize the events on your « my Calendar » straight into the calendar app on your phone or Google Calendar, Outlook, ... 

« my Bucket List »

As a member you can also make up the list of cycling events you would like to do at least once (again) in a lifetime! Adding those events on your « my Bucket List » is as simple as clicking on the icon

Your selection is instantly added to your « my Bucket List » on Battistrada.com and an event that is on your « my Bucket List » will have the icon.

One of the main benefits of « my Bucket List » is that you will be notified by email (my Notifications) whenever the next (future) edition of those events is announced on Battistrada.

When you synchronize your « my Calendar » with your phone, Google Calendar, Outlook, ... new editions of events on your « my Bucket List » will be added automatically into your Google Calendar, Outlook, ...

Share your « my Calendar » and « my Bucket List » !

Once you’ve created your « my Calendar » and « my Bucket List » you can easily share it with your cycling friends through WhatsApp, Facebook, … read more

 « my Club Events »

Are a member of a cycling club or just a group of friends who are riding out on a regular basis?

We offer all kind of « cycling clubs » the opportunity to publish their « club »  calendar in private mode () on Battistrada.com and share it only with the club members. 

Besides the public cycling events (open to non-members) your club is organizing, you can easily add the complete « club »  calendar by selecting  « Club Members Only » for those rides only accessible for club members.

As a Club Member you can add your cycling club to « my Clubs » and get instantly access to the club calendar. As a club member you will even see the club events in the public calendar results, marked by the icon when they are « Club Members Only » ... read more

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Bedrock Gravel Festival
cyclo-cross gravel mtb
8 days


Epirus MTB Challenge (Albanie,...
e-bike mtb
9 days


Cultuur en Mountainbike Reis N...
9 days



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