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In episode 2 we are listing the 10 most popular gravel grinders in North America and also this ranking is based on the browsing behavior of our visitors, just as we explained in our first episode “most popular granfondo in Italy”.

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What exactly is a Gravel Grinder?

First things first, gravel cycling? or gravel grinding? Gravel grinding is somewhere in between road cycling and mountain biking, combining (maybe some) asphalt with mainly unpaved, gravel or dirt roads but avoiding more technical, rougher and steeper off-road trails. 

A Gravel Grinder event is a mass start race, ride or simply a “challenge” commonly held on those gravel roads, often long distance or at least in time. 

Top 10 most popular gravel grinders in North America

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10.  Dirty South Roubaix (Alto Pass, Illinois)

The Dirty South Roubaix is gaining popularity year over year. Dirty South Roubaix edition 2022 was sold out to the 500 registered in just a few weeks ... read more

9.   Mississippi Gravel Cup – OMG (Oxford, Mississippi)

The Mississippi Gravel Cup – OMG is the first gravel race in the Mississippi Gravel Cup

Since the 2023 edition of the ride is already history, you can add the event to « my Bucket List » and we will notify you when the next edition is announced ... read more

8.   DINO Gravel Grovel (Nashville, Indiana)

The DINO Gravel Grovel has been called "Mother Nature's Cyclo-Cross Course" through the beautiful and rugged Hoosier National Forest. ... read more

7.   Old Man Winter Rally (Lyons, Colorado)

Old Man Winter Rally is an ‘Epic Winter Adventure’ for cyclists or runners full of dirt, snow, sweat, and beer.... read more

6.   Belgian Waffle Ride Arizona (Scottsdale, Arizona)

The Belgian Waffle Arizona is this year’s first event of the Belgian Waffle Ride Series organized by “Monuments of Cycling”, established in 2012 with a first event in San Diego, California and created as an extremely challenging race in the spirit of the 5 Cycling Monuments

Belgian Waffle Rides mostly offer 3 distances: Waffle (+/- 130 miles), Wafer (+/- 70 miles),  and Wanna (+/- 35 miles). The main course, called Waffle is about 130 miles and are hard races as Michael Marckx, of Belgian heritage said himself in 2015 “I suspect, about half will finish”! 

The Belgian Waffle Arizona is also the first challenge in the Quadrupel Crown of Gravel Series 2023

5.   Piggy's Revenge Off Road Challenge (Venice, Florida)

Piggy's Revenge Off Road Challenge is an endurance ride consisting of 10, 20, 40 or 60+ miles of off-road goodness in Sarasota County, Florida ... read more

4.   Badlands Gravel Battle (Medora, North Dakota)

The Badlands Gravel Battle is a gravel grinder on the fast and rugged red scoria roads that crosshatch the Badlands of western North Dakota ... read more

3.   Blue Mountains Gravel Fondo (Ontario, Canada)

Being part of the UCI Gravel Fondo World Series 2023, the Blue Mountains Gravel Fondo might need no introduction for the gravel addicts ... read more

2.   Mad Gravel Race (Elbert, Colorado)

Our runner up, Mad Gravel expands this year to a 3-day cycling dirt festival with the main gravel race The Hemi on Sunday, a perfect blend of all the killer gravel roads in Elbert County … read more

1.   Crusher in the Tushar (Beaver, Utah)

Our winner, the Crusher in the Tushar is the third event of the LifeTime Grand Prix Series, a series of 7 iconic off-road events, though the only one to make it into our top 10 most popular ... read more

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