Epirus MTB Challenge (Albaniê, Nord Macadonia, Greece)

  Berat, Berat    e-bike, mountain bike

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"Epirus MTB Challenge is a multi-day cross-country mountain bike ride.
The route crosses three countries;
starting from Berat in Albania, entering Greece, continuing to northern Macedonia and re-entering Albania to finish in the capital Tirana.

The route is between 70 and 130 km long each day and crosses the most beautiful and undiscovered areas of the Balkans.

The route is panoramic off-road with some stretches of single track.

All types of mountain bikes are allowed in the Challenge, including all types of electric bikes.

The trail can be done in groups or individually.
Navigated with personal GPS,
(the track will be uploaded by the organisation).

To register for the "Epirus MTB Challenge" go to the "Book now" button at the top of the page.

Ride days: Seven Total
Distances: 450-700 km
Navigation: GPS or smartphone
Cycling: Mountain bike / E-bike
Day trip: 70 - 130 km/day
Accommodation: Best hotels in town
Safety: Satellite tracking system
Medical: Medical doctors on the track
Assistance: Technical & mechanical assistance on the track.
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Transport: Luggage transport by organisation
Technical: Bivouac Mechanical Assistance
Transfers: By shuttle bus
Service: Possibility for service teams
Availability: Limited number of entries

  • 500 km

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