Reef to Reef MTB Stage Race

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Reef to Reef MTB Stage Race





donderdag 17 aug 2023 - Smithfield

Het mountainbike evenement Reef to Reef MTB Stage Race wordt jaarlijks georganiseerd in Australië, state Queensland. De laatste editie van Reef to Reef MTB Stage Race vond plaats op donderdag 18 augustus 2022 en de volgende editie van de rittenkoers vindt plaats op donderdag 17 augustus 2023 in Smithfield, Queensland en maakt deel uit van het circuit Global MTB Epic Series 2023.

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Organisator: Reef to Reef takes place over four days in the heart of Tropical North Queensland.

Starting on the reef fringed Coral Sea coast it quickly heads inland across a network of trails through tablelands, hinterland, farmlands, MTB parks, and tropical rainforest before finishing back at the coast four days and 195 kms later. Each day’s stage has its own unique terrain and character to keep things interesting with a mix of fast flowing single trail, farm track, groomed downhill trails and fire trails – many through private land that can only be ridden while racing the Reef to Reef. There’s nothing too technical but enough to get your attention including over 2 000m of vertical climbing. Achievable for anyone with a reasonable level of fitness and MTB skills.

Riders can race solo or in teams of two, as long as you stick together for the full length of the race. It’s technically a race but up to you whether you want to ride full gas or just enjoy the terrain at a more leisurely pace. Beer will be available to purchase at the finish line, should you be feeling thirsty at the time.

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