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Bedrock Gravel Race

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Bedrock Gravel Race





sábado 20 abr 2024 - Tochni

La prueba gravel bike Bedrock Gravel Race se organiza anualmente desde 2022 en Chipre, distrito Lárnaca. La última edición Bedrock Gravel Race se disputaba el sábado 20 abril 2024 y la próxima edición de la prueba carrera aún no ha sido anunciada.

Si tiene previsto participar en la próxima edición de la prueba Bedrock Gravel Race , sólo tiene que añadir la próxima edición a « mi Calendario » . ¿Quieres participar algún día, añade el evento a « mi Bucket List » y Battistrada te informará cuando se anuncie una futura edición, utilizando los botones  

Organizador: Bedrock Gravel Race: Unleash the Adventure from The Feed Zone Cafe

Get ready for the ultimate gravel biking challenge! The Bedrock Gravel "Race" kicks off and concludes at The Feed Zone Cafe in Tochni, right in front of Activate Cyprus's main office. This thrilling race is a test of skill, stamina, and love for adventure. Before you hit the gravel, here are the essential details:

Starting Point: The Feed Zone Cafe, Tochni
The racing action ignites in front of The Feed Zone Cafe, creating a vibrant atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. Fuel up, gear up, and brace yourself for an epic gravel journey.

Route Unveiled: A Challenge Awaits
The Bedrock Gravel "Race" route is an untamed adventure. To ensure you stay on track, download the route onto your navigation device before the race day. The course is not signposted, adding an extra layer of challenge and excitement.

Navigation Tips: Komoot Holds the Key
Navigate the course seamlessly by following the detailed route published on Komoot. Every twist, turn, and elevation change is mapped out, empowering you to conquer the gravel with confidence. Your navigation device becomes your guide through this thrilling race.

Safety First: Adhere to Traffic Rules
While the race is a test of your biking prowess, safety remains paramount. Adhere to traffic rules throughout the race. Your adventure should be thrilling, but always within the bounds of safety and responsibility.

Race Day: Unleash Your Gravel Passion
On the race day, gather at The Feed Zone Cafe, feel the buzz of fellow racers, and prepare to unleash your gravel passion. The starting line is not just a point on the map; it's where your adventure begins.

Finish Line Glory: Back at The Feed Zone Cafe
As you conquer the gravel challenge, return triumphant to where it all began – The Feed Zone Cafe. The finish line celebration awaits, marking the end of an exhilarating race. Rejoice, share stories, and bask in the glory of your gravel conquest.

Gear up, download the route, and get ready for the Bedrock Gravel "Race." This is more than a race; it's a journey of grit, determination, and the sheer joy of gravel biking. See you at the starting line!

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