Nice Gravel Ride 2023

  La Turbie

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Nice Gravel Ride





viernes 21 abr 2023 - La Turbie

Nice Gravel Ride es un evento gravel bike, bicicleta de carretera categoría paseo en Francia, región Provenza-Alpes-Costa Azul. La edición Nice Gravel Ride 2023 se disputará el viernes 21 abril 2023 con salida en La Turbie, département Alpes-Maritimes, Provenza-Alpes-Costa Azul.

Nice Gravel Ride ofrece 5 rutas (250, 205, 155, 130, 60 km) para gravel bike, bicicleta de carretera

Organizador: Nice Gravel Ride offers groupings of riders in the form of microadventures in medium mountains from Nice in the hinterland of Nice. The date and the routes have been carefully studied to allow you to prepare for one of the La Baroudeuse events or simply discover the world of adventure, whether on the road or in Gravel. Our desire is to familiarize you with and train you in ultra-cycling in total autonomy and without assistance on short events where the challenge is real. The mountain is our DNA in which we want you to evolve.

  • 130 km / 209.21472 mi



  • Hombres Mujeres


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