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Catalunya Trail





Thursday 06 Apr 2023 - Girona

The gravel bike cycling event Catalunya Trail has been organized yearly since 2018 in Spain, autonomous community Catalonia. The last edition of Catalunya Trail took place on Friday 08 July 2022 and the next edition of the bikepacking, ultra will take place on Thursday 06 April 2023 in Girona, Catalonia

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Organizer: The Catalunya Trail is a cycling event of ultradistance, non-stop and self-sufficiency. 230, 410 and 600 km through the most spectacular areas of Catalonia.

The Catalonia Trail combines the most incredible landscapes of the Costa Brava and spectacular mountain views of the Pyrenees.

You will pass through different nature parks and incredible villages from Cap de Creus and Pyrenees. Catalonia Trail is a fantastic opportunity to get to know the most beautiful and remote places in Catalonia.

We will have 3 distances in 2022: 620, 430 and 260 km.approx. with 5 or 4 days to complete.

All recipients will recieve a tracker which will allow their families to follow them in real time.

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