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To strengthen Battistrada.com's objective of leading and guiding active cyclists to scratch selected granfondos, mountain bike adventures, gravel rides, ... off your bucket list with great satisfaction, a partnership with 3Action is a logical step.

To enhance these cycling performances, you can now rely on the products of 3Action Sports Nutrition and Battistrada Premium Members can enjoy an exclusive discount on all products in the Webshop for the entire duration of your Premium membership.

3Action Sports Nutrition is a Belgian sports nutrition brand with a carefully selected range of sports nutrition products for before, during and after sports performance. The current range consists of products fully adapted to the needs of both recreational and professional athletes.

Their offer ranges from energy bars, energy gels, powders to different types of recovery products as well as nutritional supplements. Over the years, the product range has been greatly expanded, always taking into account efficiency, quality and taste. For development and production, 3Action only works with high-quality raw materials from reliable suppliers. With an in-house sports dietician overseeing not only the development of new products, but also their quality, athletes can always turn to 3Action for advice.

Sports performance can be positively influenced by the correct intake of carbohydrates, proteins and fluids. Besides the well-known sugars (carbohydrates), you will also find Palatinose in 3Action products. Palatinose is a source of glucose and fructose that is converted into a slow sugar. In combination with the other sugars present, Palatinose provides an even more staggered supply of energy. In addition, many 3Action products contain a special "anti-cramping" formula that prevents cramps and muscle fatigue. 

With a proud look to the past and an enthusiastic look to the future, 3Action Sports Nutrition will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2024, a milestone that demonstrates an ongoing commitment in the sports nutrition world. 

3Action is offering Battistrada Premium Members an exclusive 15% discount on all products in the Webshop for the entire duration of your membership.

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